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   We are located at 502 N Palm Blvd., Harlingen, Texas 78552



We grow cold hardy palm trees.  To ensure a better quality strain of palm tree, we import all of our seed.  We do not use any locally grown seed.

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The following are just some of the Palm Trees we Carry:

European Fan Palm Tree, Chinese Fan Palm Tree, Cuban Royal Palm Tree, Cabbage Palm Tree, Florida Sabal Palm Tree, Wild Date Palm Tree, Pindo Palm Tree, King Sago Tree, Queen Palm Tree, Cocos Palm Tree, Silver Queen Tree, Texas Sabal Palm Tree, Washingtonia, California Fan Palm Tree, Washingtonia Filifera Tree, Florida Swamp Palm Tree, Mediterranian Palm Tree, Pygmy Date Palm Tree, Roebelinii Palm Tree, Sabal Palm Tree, and others.